Jasper Admiraal

Team manager

Jasper participated in the 2012 DONG Energy Solar Challenge, and has been passionate about solar boat racing ever since. He will do whatever it takes to pursue our vision.

Hidde Pik

Vice-chair& Head External Affairs

Hidde has his roots in the Dutch sailing world, where he got his passion for water sports and racing. He is determined to get the most out of this experience.

Heleen Jeurink

Head Communications

Heleen hopes to build the best possible boat with this team. The aim for the end of the year is that not only we, but the whole region of Twente will be proud of our results.

Martijn Groot Jebbink

Head Hull & Hydrofoils

Martijn is finishing his bachelor and a Solar Boat enthusiast from day one. He is determined to make the first edition of Solar Boat Twente a success.

Martijn Wilpshaar

Hydrofoils design

Martijn has always been interested in renewable energy. He is looking forward to collaborate together with the team and with companies to get to the best possible result.

Bram Seinhorst

Hydrofoils Control

Bram is a Mechanical Engeneer, currently doing his bachelor. He is interested in all types of racing and is determined to help Solar Boat Twente perform in Monaco.

Robert Geels

Hull Design

Robert is always looking for efficiency, both in and out of the water. As an engineer he wants to put his skills and knowledge to the test.

Arnoud Meutstege

Solar Cells & External Affairs

Arnoud is interested in how technology and optimization influences performance and likes to take on the challenge of participating with the first solar boat team of Twente!

Jeroen te Braake


Jeroen is a master’s student Industrial Engineering looking to apply knowledge gained in the fields of materials and coatings. With a competitive spirit he wants to get the best possible results.

Ids de Vos

Head Propulsion & Electronics

Ids is a mechanical engineer doing his master. He wants to impress at the races in his hometown Akkrum and in Monaco. Therefore he aims to design an original, high-end and innovative solar boat.

Jesse van Rhijn

Propeller Design & Data Acquisition

Jesse has a solid understanding of the physical principles behind engineering projects. He will put his knowledge and experience to practical use working on the technology of the boat.

Sam Benou

Electronics & External Affairs

Sam is a master student Industrial Engineering with an interest in electric vehicles. Participating in Solar Boat Twente prepares him for the future of transportation.

Niels Leijen


Niels is a bachelor student and will be searching for a way to create (almost) infinte power for the solar boat. He is determined to make full use of this source to make the best solar boat humanly possible!

Mark Bruijn

Telemetry & Electronics

Mark is a master’s student Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in ‘Embedded Systems’. He wants to apply his knowledge in the solar boat, especially in the telemetry system, by sending information between boat and ashore as efficiently as possible.