Do you want to get involved in Solar Boat Twente? Do you want to design and build a hightech boat with a strong team? Do you want to take part in races both in the Netherlands and abroad? Apply now through! Scroll through the functions below!

Still interested after having read the descriptions of functions? Send us a message through in which you tell us about yourself, which functions you are (absolutely not) interested in and obviously why you are the one person to become a member of Solar Boat Twente. Please let us know if you have a question about the application procedure or the Solar Boat year itself via the same mailaddress.

The perfect team will manage itself, so why are we looking for a Team Manager? In the summer of 2018, we will put 15 strangers together in a team. As Team Manager, you will make sure everything runs smoothly: Together with the subteam chiefs you will make the project plan and will support other team members in their tasks (engineering or otherwise). You’re not only one of the faces of Solar Boat Twente, you are also responsible for the progress of designing, building and racing a brand new racing boat powerd by solar energy.
26,000 views for a single Facebook posts is a piece of cake for you? Then you are the perfect team member for Communication & PR at Solar Boat Twente. You know what pictures to choose, what content to write and how to put a high tech project on the map. Or you don’t, but you’re eager to learn. Besides that, you get a boost from organising large events for partners and you’re not afraid to convince the media that you’ve got THE breaking news story. You live for the brand Solar Boat Twente.
Debtros, creditors, partners: you know how to get along with all of them. Not just that, but you also know how to make and keep partners enthusiastic within their cooperation with Solar Boat Twente. You’re also interested in keeping all financial flows under control
Sailing at 30km/h with nothing more than the power of an electrical heater? That can only be achieved when the drivetrain is efficient and reliable. You understand how to engineer on the edge. Together with other team members, you will come up with the perfect drivetrain for the solar boat of Solar Boat Twente 2018-2019.
Making a solar powered boat perform without electronics? Impossible. You are the key to the team. Everything comes together at electronics: You will transform the energy from the sun in the most efficient way to the lightest battery pack imaginable, in order to use it in the best electric motor. You will also design the way all energy flows are monitored and controlled.
Is C++ your native tongue? Then we need you. From data acquisition to battery management: everything works through software. You know how to program efficiently to be able to make all parts of the boat operate in perfect harmony. Not just on board, but ashore as well. That is the place where you need  all relevant data. Together with the strategists, you will maximise the boat’s performance.
Flying is only for birds? You know better than that. Hydrodynamics, control engineering and structural design all come together at the hydrofoils. Without compromising strength, stiffness and hydrodynamics, all mechanisms have to work coherently and reliably. By taking all factors in and around the boat into consideration, you will design the most efficient hydrofoil system which will let the solar boat fly.
The hull is full of contradictions: Longer is more efficient, but shorter is lighter. Thicker skin is stiffer, but thinner is lighter. All boat parts will have to be combined in the bull. Are you interested in new and promising materials to create the optimum constructional design? Then you’re a born hull constructor.