Eneco Solar Boat Race 2017

The first race for our solar boat was during the Eneco Solar Boat Race in Akkrum, the 26th and 27th of May. This is the Dutch Championship for solar boat racing. We finished as the 3rd top class boat! For further information about the race, take a look at blog 23 and 25 and the photo’s  of the weekend.

Monaco Solar Electric Challenge

July the 13th till the 15th, we’ll take part in the Monaco Solar Electric Challenge: the solar boat world championship in Monaco. Below you can find the programme and the daily reports, to keep you updated about everything that’s happening in Monaco.


  • Monday/Tuesday 10/11 July

    Wednesday 12 July

    Thursday 13 July

    Friday 14 July

    Saturday 15 July

    Sunday 16 July

    Monday 17 July

  • Travel to Monaco

    Testing at sea

    Technical inspection

    Endurance Race

    Slalom, Sprint and Award Ceremony

    Boat Collection

    Departure back to Holland

Daily Report from Monaco

Daily report of July 11th
Daily report of July 12th
Daily report of July 13th
Daily report of July 14th
Daily report of July 15th